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THE US Gallon

1 Gallon in 1 hour

People have said for years, and continue to say that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE.  The human body cannot physically hold that much liquid for a full hour.  Well, IT HAS BEEN DONE! AND IN 28 MINUTES NO LESS.


Click here to see the Details and Video of the COMPLETION of the Milk Challenge!


The Official Rules:

1. The contestant has one (1) hour to drink and hold down one (1) gallon of milk.

2. There shall be no physical contact between contestants.

3. If the contestant vomits before the hour is up, they lose.

4. The milk can be any Percentage (1%, 2%, Vitamin D, etc.) as long as every contestant drinks the same type of milk.

5. No eating during the contest.  the only food or drink that can be consumed is the contestants gallon of milk.

What The Experts Say

Tell us About Your Attempts

Other Attempts:

The primary reason it is not possible to drink a gallon of milk in an hour is related to stomach capacity.  The capacity of the stomach is about 1 liter (Wardlaw and Insel.  Pespectives in Nutrition, third edition, 1996).  When stomach capacity is exceeded (whether by milk or any other food), the natural response will be vomiting.  The stomach empties into the small intestine at a rate of about 1-3 milliliters per minute. When you figure how long it would take to clear a gallon of fluid from the stomach, it would take almost a day for it to enter the small intestine. The best solution to this is to consume milk along with other foods spread out throughout the day.

Post a summary of you attempt for all to see.  If you have pictures and video, feel free to post links to those as well.  Please include milk %, time completed, and how long you hold the milk for.

The Milk Forum

This guy got close, but could not seal the deal.

And This guy still says that its impossible:



Get you name and attempt on the list!  Write about your attempt on The Milk Forum and include some sort of documentation or a witness.




      The Videos

The Milk Drinking Contest with a man finishing in 28 MINUTES! The first milk drinking contest hosted By Triad Pictures called "Got Milk," using 1%.  This video can get kind of long, I recomend watching the others videos first, and if you really want to see more, watch this.

20 mins.

The Raw footage from "Got Milk."

5 mins.

The 2nd milk drinking contest hosted by Triad Pictures, "Got Milk 2: The Milkman Cometh," this time with Chocolate Milk.

5 mins.

Got Milk?

Barf Video

Got Milk 2: The Milkman Cometh

The Man who did it in 28 minutes!

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Nathan Atkinson